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Psychic Intuitive, Healer & Medium, Carole K.


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Psychic Intuitive, Healer & Medium, Carole K.

Carole Kohn has been providing unparalleled professional psychic guidance for over thirty years.  Based in beautiful Las Vegas, Carole's accurate and skillful psychic readings have guided clients all over the world in making important life decisions.

In the famous trance-like style of Edgar Casey, Carole , a true fifth generation medium has the God-given talent to not only trance your guides, relatives and friends from the other side, but to answer your very important questions dealing with your life here on earth. She is an extremely kind person. Your world and it's needs, become extremely, obsessively important to Carole, long after the reading ends.

To help improve your life for you, her prayers, candle burnings and spells are world famous, as is her clientele. Whatever is necessary, from earth plane counseling, to the world of exorcisms and ghosts, she takes on the project with extreme knowledge, great guides, and repeated persistence, until she feels the problem, entity, demon or devil is removed and the light of Higher Power is allowed to help you gain maximum success with soul mate love, health problems, money problems, unfortunate curses, job loss, jealous, marital or love abuse, education and understanding the very essence of our being.

The great questions "What is my purpose? And why am I here?" are researched through the amazing ability that Carole possesses. She can talk to the dead, read the Akashic Records of your past lives and explain to you your personal psychic make-up and soul age.

Not everyone needs the amazing ability of this level of channeler. But if you are looking for the best- look no farther! For many decades, she has performed miracles for people all over the world.

Because of her varied clientele, all the readings are phone oriented. Her abilities are so great and her spells are so powerful that the need for an in person meeting is not necessary. After decades of séances, circles, classes and radio shows, she is extremely versed in Tarot cards, crystals, runes, dream exploration, and all of the physical arts of mediumship.
Carole is a God-loving woman who can help you now!

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